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Phylloporus arenicola

Phylloporus arenicola is a species of bolete mushroom in the family Boletaceae. It is found in the Pacific Northwest region of western North America, where it grows in sand dunes in a mycorrhizal association with pine trees. It is one of only three North American Boletaceae species that occur in coastal sand dunes dirty football socks.

The species was described as new to science in 1972 by mycologists Alexander H. Smith and James Trappe. Smith made the type collection near Pacific City, Oregon, in November 1970. The specific epithet arenicola means “growing in sand”.

The fruit bodies of Phylloporus arenicola have caps that are initially convex before flattening out in maturity, sometimes developing a central depression; the cap attains a diameter of 1.5–4.5 cm (0.6–1.8 in). Its surface is dry and has a velvet-like texture, and its color ranges from dull olive initially (with a darker center) to olive-brown before finally fading to pale brown. The whitish to yellowish flesh does not change color when exposed to air, and lacks any distinctive taste or odor. The pore surface on the underside of the cap is initially bright yellow but fades somewhat as it matures. The pores, which resemble the gills found in agaric fungi, comprise tubes that extend 3–7 mm (0.1–0.3&nbsp why do you tenderize meat;in) deep. The stipe measures 4–6 cm (1.6–2.4 in) long by 5–8 mm (0.2–0.3 in) thick and is thicker near the base. It is solid (i.e., not hollow), dry, and has a dull yellow base color that is partially covered by reddish-brown dots (pruina) and fibers. In the base of the stipe, the internal tissue is bright red, while near in the upper part of the stipe it is pale yellow.

The spores are somewhat elliptical to spindle-shaped (tapered on each end), smooth, and have dimensions of 9–12 by 4–5 µm. The club-shaped basidia (spore-bearing cells) are four-spored and measure 38–60 by 9–13 µm. There are no clamp connections in the hyphae. When the cap cuticle is tested with an ammonia solution, it turns a violet, brownish gray color.

Fruit bodies grow singly, scattered, or in groups on the ground in sand dunes. A mycorrhizal species, Phylloporus arenicola forms associations with pine trees. Fruiting occurs from September to November. The fungus, found in the Pacific Northwest region of the western North America, has been recorded from California, Oregon, and Washington. P. arenicola is one of only three North American Boletaceae species that occur in coastal sand dunes; the others are Leccinum arenicola, found in New Brunswick, Canada, and Boletus abruptibulbus, described from the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle.

Ludwig Prinz von Bayern

Ludwig Heinrich Prinz von Bayern (* 14. Juni 1982 in Landsberg am Lech) ist ein deutscher IT-Unternehmer, Entwicklungshelfer und der älteste Sohn von Luitpold Prinz von Bayern und Ururenkel von Ludwig III., dem letzten König des bayerischen Königreiches. In der Erbfolge des Wittelsbacher Hauses ist er nach Max Emanuel Herzog in Bayern und seinem Vater die Nummer Drei.

Ludwig wuchs auf dem Schloss Kaltenberg auf und wurde bereits im Kindesalter in ein Benediktinerkloster nach London geschickt why do you tenderize meat. Seine längste Schulzeit verbrachte er auf dem Erzabtei Sankt Ottilien-Kloster. Mit 16 Jahren gründete er eine Software-Firma, er programmierte Internetseiten und war recht erfolgreich damit. Alsdann veranstaltete er „After-Wiesn-Partys“, bei denen er als Barkeeper die Gäste bediente.

Später studierte Ludwig Jura und promovierte mit seiner Arbeit drill team uniforms. Anschließend wurde er von Franz von Bayern in das Schloss Nymphenburg geholt, um dort auf die künftigen Repräsentationsaufgaben als Oberhaupt des Wittelsbacher Hauses vorbereitet zu werden. Diese Einarbeitung nahm einige Jahre in Anspruch, danach entschloss er sich, nach Afrika zu gehen und gründete dort eine Software-Firma in Lokitaung, einer Siedlung in Turkana County, welche sich wiederum im Norden Kenias befindet. Ziel dieses Projekts, welches Startup Lions heißt, ist es, junge Menschen aus- und weiterzubilden, dieses recht neue Modell wird auch Startup-Unternehmen genannt water belt for running. Er hält sich nach eigenen Angaben circa zehn Monate im Jahr in Afrika auf, die restlichen zwei Monate reist er für repräsentative Aufgaben nach Bayern. Des Weiteren ist Ludwig 1. Vorsitzender vom Hilfsverein Nymphenburg, welches sich für soziale Projekte für Kinder insbesondere in Osteuropa und Ostafrika engagiert.

Ob er liiert oder verheiratet ist, verrät Ludwig nicht.

Um nicht immer gleich erkannt zu werden, stellt er sich nach eigenen Angaben mit „Ludwig Bayern“ oder wahlweise auch mit „Ludwig Bayer“ vor.

Todd Snyder (fashion)

Todd Snyder (trademarked as the same name) is an American fashion label incorporated in New York City running pouch belt. The brand is sold in America with retail locations in Tokyo.

Todd Snyder, founded by Todd Snyder in 2011, is a fashion label in the city of New York. An Iowa native born and raised in the city of Ames, Mr why do you tenderize meat. Snyder moved to New York to design outerwear for Polo Ralph Lauren before becoming the Director of Menswear for the Gap. Afterwards Mr. Snyder became SVP of menswear at J waterproof pouch bag. Crew. While there he introduced formal wear to the fashion label.

Todd Snyder the brand launched its first menswear collection in the Fall of 2011 with exclusive partnerships at the retailers Bergdorf Goodman, Ron Herman, and Neiman Marcus. Inspired by Savile Row craftsmanship, military tailoring, and a distinct New York sensibility, the brand has garnered wide critical and commercial praise in the US. In 2012, the fashion label was picked up by Barneys New York as well as select Nordstrom stores; simultaneously, Mr. Snyder was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear and was named as one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers. More recently, Mr thermos funtainer water bottle. Snyder was selected as one of the 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists.

Also in 2013 Todd Snyder launched its partnership with Champion (established in 1919) to create an ongoing collaboration with the iconic Rochester, NY-based sportswear brand.

2012. CFDA/Swarovski Award for Menswear

2012. Named as one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers

2013. CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists