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Stałe Bruna

W roku 1919 Viggo Brun pokazał, że suma odwrotności liczb bliźniaczych, jest zbieżna do wartości stałej, która obecnie nazywana jest stałą Bruna dla liczb bliźniaczych. Oznacza się ją na ogół jako B2:

Zbieżność tej sumy jest tym ciekawsza, że suma odwrotności wszystkich liczb pierwszych jest rozbieżna. Rozbieżność tej sumy byłaby dowodem istnienia nieskończonej liczby par liczb bliźniaczych, a więc stanowiłaby rozwiązanie problemu liczb bliźniaczych.

Przez obliczenie sumy liczb bliźniaczych mniejszych od 1014 przy użyciu komputera, Thomas R. Nicely oszacował wielkość B2 jako równą 1,902160578 (przy okazji odkrywając błąd instrukcji FDIV procesorów Pentium). Najlepsze dotychczas oszacowanie wartości stałej Bruna podał w 2002 Pascal Sebah, używając w tym celu wszystkich liczb bliźniaczych aż do wielkości 1016:

Istnieje także stała Bruna dla liczb czworaczych (czyli układu dwóch par liczb bliźniaczych, odległych o 4) running drink belt. Pierwsze liczby czworacze to (5, 7, 11, 13), (11 soka socks wholesale, 13 fluff remover for clothes, 17, 19), (101, 103, 107, 109). Stała Bruna dla liczb czworaczych, oznaczana jako B4 jest sumą odwrotności wszystkich czwórek liczb pierwszych postaci:

i jej wartość wynosi

Symbolu B4 używa się także na określenie stałej Bruna dla liczb pokrewnych (liczb pierwszych odległych o 4), co może prowadzić do nieporozumień.

Trentino Volley

Diatec Trentino is a professional Italian volleyball team based in Trento, in northern Italy. It plays in the Italian Volleyball League without interruption since 2000. It has won four times the Italian Volleyball League, the Italian Cup, the Italian Super Cup, three consecutive times the CEV Champions League and a record four consecutive times the FIVB Men’s Club World Volleyball Championship. In the 2010–11 season it won national, continental and world championship. It is the first and only one team in volleyball history to have done that. Trentino is ranked 2th (as of October 2016) in the Men’s European clubs ranking.

Trentino Volley is a Joint stock company, and its president is Diego Mosna. The company has a budget of 4,500,000 euros and about 225 employees. The actions of the company was awarded at continental level with the acknowledgment Testimonial of the Year at the Sport Business Ambitions Awards 2010 and the awarding of the 2010–11 Champions League Final Four, held at PalaOnda, Bolzano.

Trentino Volley SpA was founded on May 23, 2000 soka socks wholesale; and two days later, it purchased the rights to play in the Serie A1 (Italy’s First Division) from Ravenna, that had retired due to financial problems. The club played its first Serie A1 match in Parma on October 15, 2000, against Maxicono Parma, and was defeated 3–0. The first home match of the Trentino Volley was played on October 22, 2000 Month Necklace, against Padova, and the home team came out victorious with a result of 3–2.

During its first two seasons, the team managed a tenth, and a ninth place finish at the end of the regular season.

Players acquired by the team in his first Italian Serie A years included Lorenzo Bernardi and Andrea Sartoretti. In the summer of 2007 Trentino Volley made substantial purchases, as part of a strategy that would focus on a young team with talented players, such as Serbian Nikola Grbić, Bulgarians Vladimir Nikolov and Matey Kaziyski and Italian Emanuele Birarelli. Itas Trentino Diatec ended the following regular season with a first-place finish, and stepped into the finals. On May 7, 2008 Trentino Volley defeated Piacenza 3–0, to win its first national championship title, and gain access to the CEV Champions League 2008–2009.

Trento run undefeated in the pool stages, with a first-place finish in Group E. On April 5, 2009, at the O2 Arena in Prague, Trento defeated Iraklis Thessaloniki 3–1 in the final. In 2009, the team flew to Doha (Qatar), to compete in the FIVB Men’s Club World Volleyball Championship. On Sunday November 8, Trentino Betclic won the final, with a score of 3–0 against the Poles of Skra Bełchatów, and became FIVB Club World Champion. In 2010, it won the Italian Cup and then successfully defended its Champions League title with a 3–0 victory (25–12,25–20, 25–21) over Dynamo Moscow.

Club logos and brand names are composed of a red ball. The eagle is the symbol of the club, Autonomous province of trento is the club’s flag.

The PalaTrento arena has always been the place where the club’s at home games have been disputed, ever since its opening in 2000 during the first at home game in the history of Trentino Volley (Itas Diatec Trentino-European Padua 3–2 on October 22, 2000), The arena is in the south of the city of Trento on the Ghiaie sport groundsthat also includes the PalaGhiaccio, a football field, and a ballpark

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The table below shows the history of kit providers for the Trentino team.

Primary sponsors include: main sponsors like Diatec Group other sponsors: Volkswagen, Consorzio Melinda, Dorigoni Trento, Scania, Mediocredito Italiano, McDonald’s, Intesa Sanpaolo, Marzadro Distillery, Südtiroler Volksbank, Grand Hotel Trento, Sparco, Forst, Superpoli, Menz & Gasser and Policura.

1975 Brazilian Grand Prix

The 1975 Brazilian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Interlagos on 26 January 1975. It was the fourth Brazilian Grand Prix since its introduction in 1972. The race was memorably won by São Paulo native Carlos Pace driving a Brabham BT44B insulated thermos. It would be the only win of Pace’s abbreviated career, he would be killed in an aircraft accident two years later design your own football t shirt. The circuit now holds his name. It would be eight years before another Brazilian would win the Grand Prix. Fellow Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi finished second in his McLaren M23 with his German team mate Jochen Mass finishing third.

Jean-Pierre Jarier was again in pole position soka socks wholesale, after beating the 1973 pole record. He lined up ahead of local hero Emerson Fittipaldi. The race was delayed whilst the track was washed down to remove debris – punctures had played a critical part in the 1974 race and no-one wanted a repeat of these problems.

This was the last championship race of Graham Hill’s extremely long F1 career.

Brazilian drivers finished 1–2 in this race, with Carlos Pace winning the only race of his career and Emerson Fittipaldi finishing second. This feat was to be repeated in 1986 by Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna mens socks wholesale.