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Gmina Pamięcin

Gmina Pamięcin – dawna gmina wiejska istniejąca do 1954 roku w woj. łódzkim i poznańskim. Nazwa gminy pochodzi od wsi Pamięcin, lecz siedzibą władz gminy były Jastrzębniki .

W okresie międzywojennym gmina Pamięcin należała do powiatu kaliskiego w woj. łódzkim. 1 stycznia 1936 roku do gminy Pamięcin przyłączono część obszaru zniesionej gminy Tyniec . 1 kwietnia 1938 roku gminę wraz z całym powiatem kaliskim przeniesiono do woj. poznańskiego .

Po wojnie gmina zachowała przynależność administracyjną. Według stanu z dnia 1 lipca 1952 roku gmina składała się z 20 gromad: Bogucice, Czajków real authentic jerseys, Dębniałki high quality water bottles, Jastrzębniki, Kokanin, Kokanin kol., Kurza, Piątek Mały, Piątek Mały kol. reusable water bottle brands, Poklęków, Pruszków, Romanki, Rychnów, Rychnów kol., Rzegocin, Skrajnia, Szadek, Wyganki, Zagorzyn i Żerniki .

Jednostka została zniesiona 29 września 1954 roku wraz z reformą wprowadzającą gromady w miejsce gmin . Po reaktywowaniu gmin z dniem 1 stycznia 1973 roku gminy Pamięcin nie przywrócono, a jej dawny obszar wszedł głównie w skład gminy Blizanów w tymże powiecie i województwie .

Legion of Terror

Legion of Terror is a 1936 American drama/action film, directed by Charles C. Coleman. The film, which stars Bruce Cabot, Marguerite Churchill, Ward Bond, and Crawford Weaver, is a fictionalized story about the real-life Ku Klux Klan splinter group called the Black Legion of the 1930s. It was inspired by the May 1935 murder in Michigan of Charles Poole, a Works Progress Administration worker.

The film preceded and also inspired the making of the critically acclaimed 1937 Warner Bros. feature film Black Legion real authentic jerseys, which co-starred Humphrey Bogart, Dick Foran, Erin O’Brien-Moore and Ann Sheridan which was based on the same case.

In Washington, D.C., postal inspectors Frank Marshall and his friend, “Slim” Hewitt environmentally friendly water bottles, are both sworn in as postal inspectors. After a bomb which was sent from the fictional town Stanfield, Connecticut, that was addressed to U.S. Senator Morton is found in the Senate mailroom, Frank and Slim are both sent to Stanfield to investigate. On the train, Frank becomes acquainted with one Nancy Foster, a resident of Stanfield. When they arrive, Frank and Slim take on assumed names and get jobs in a local factory. When Frank goes to Nancy’s house for dinner, her brother Don tells him that the Hood Legion (a group similar to that of the 1930s militant separatist political/fascist paramilitary group Black Legion) has complete control of the town.

Soon Frank and Slim both realize that the factory where they work as well as the local newspaper is in the legion’s control. Don has received several threatening letters advising him to join the legion. Frank and Slim successfully infiltrate the group by undergoing an initiation ceremony in which masked members in long robes blindfold Frank and Slim and hold guns to their heads before giving them each a bullet as a token of their membership.

When Don complains to Colonel McCollum, a local newspaper editor, about his refusal to print Don’s allegations against the legion’s nefarious activities, Don is framed and arrested for drunk driving. Although he is released, he is ostracized by the townspeople. McCollum then orders his men to take Don to the legion’s secret tribunal into the woods, where Don is tried, found guilty, and shot to death by legion members. Nancy tries to go to the police to report the incident, but they are unable to find the killers. When Frank tries to convey his sympathy to Nancy, she forces him to confess his membership in the legion, and vows never to speak to him again.

When Nancy then goes to the owner of the newspaper with her story, he upbraids McCollum, causing him to decide that Nancy should be tried by the legion’s tribunal. Slim then confronts McCollum with the knowledge that the legion killed Don, and he is taken to the legion’s meeting ground to be tried as a traitor. When Frank learns that Nancy and Slim are being held prisoner, he goes to the governor and secures the National Guard, which rescues Nancy and Slim and arrests the legion members. It is then revealed that McCollum was the leader of the legion, after which he and his assistant try to escape, but are burned to death when their car overturns. Frank then reveals his true identity to Nancy, and they make plans to marry. Later, in the post office department in Washington, D.C 1 liter water bottle bpa free., the chief inspector congratulates Frank and Slim for their work, but warns them that Americans are a nation of “joiners,” and as such are susceptible to organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Hooded Legion, which they join believing they are being patriotic, when in fact they are placing themselves in the hands of racketeers who operate the legions solely for their own benefit.

Variety magazine called Legion of Terror “an indictment of crackpot politico-fraternal organizations.” This film marked Crawford Weaver’s film debut.

Chris Hazel

Lowell Christopher Hazel, known as Chris Hazel (born January 25, 1965), is an attorney from Pineville, Louisiana, who is a Republican member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for District 27, which encompasses northern Rapides Parish in the central portion of his state.

Hazel graduated in 1983 from the Roman Catholic Holy Cross High School in his native New Orleans. He then attended United States Marine Corps infantry training school at Camp Pendleton, California, and served in the Marines at 29 Palms, California, until 1986. Thereafter, he was a Lyndon B. Johnson intern for Democratic U.S. Representative Lindy Boggs of Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district in New Orleans. In 1990, Hazel received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of New Orleans. He attended the United States Border Patrol training institute at Artesia, New Mexico. From 1992 to 1997, he was a Border Patrol agent at the Chula Vista station in San Diego. In 1997, he entered the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, which conferred on him his Juris Doctor degree in 2000. After law school, he returned to Louisiana at the age of thirty-five to begin a legal career.

Hazel holds membership in the Louisiana Bar and the Louisiana District Attorney’s associations, the American Legion, Kiwanis International, the Amerita Club, the Rapides/Pineville Soccer Association, and the National Rifle Association. He is a vestry member at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Pineville. He is married to the former Karen Frances Centanni; the couple has two children, Sydney and Brik. The Hazels reside in Ball north of Pineville.

In the October 20, 2007, nonpartisan blanket primary, Hazel unseated Democratic Representative Rick L. Farrar of Pineville, 9,330 votes (62.5 percent) to 5,611 (37.5 percent). Farrar had first won the seat in the primary held on October 19, 1991, when he upset fellow Democrat Carl Newton Gunter, Jr., 7,729 (56.6 percent) to 5,929 (43.4 percent). Gunter had been known for his populist political stance and his fiery opposition to abortion. Farrar was narrowly unseated for the 1996-2000 term by the Republican Randy Wiggins of Pineville, a State Farm Insurance agent in Alexandria. On October 6

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, 1995, Wiggins defeated Farrar, 6 the lemon squeeze hike,350 votes (51.1 percent) to 6,077 (48.9 percent). When Wiggins ran for the state senate in 1999 against former Senator Joe McPherson, who did not run in 1995, Farrar staged a successful return to office. In the 2003 primary, Farrar handily defeated Independent “Pete” Ferrington, 7,072 (61 percent) to 4,519 (39 percent).

Randy Wiggins, meanwhile, challenged the reelection of Hazel in the primary held on October 22, 2011, but Hazel handily defeated the former representative, 8,089 votes (60.8 percent) to 5,220 votes (39.2 percent).

Hazel served from 2004 to 2007 as an assistant district attorney in Alexandria, the seat of government of Rapides Parish and the largest city in Central Louisiana. From 2003 to 2004, Hazel was the assistant D.A. in Colfax, the seat of neighboring Grant Parish. From 2000-2002, he was a law clerk for Ninth Judicial District Judge Tom Yeager in Alexandria.

As a legislator, Hazel maintains an unusually heavy committee schedule with membership on (1) Administration of Criminal Justice, (2) Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development, (3) Homeland Security, (4) Joint Capital Outlay, (5) Military and Veterans Affairs, (6) Ways and Means, and (7) Executive (chairman).

Hazel’s first bill, HB 148, passed in the 2008 legislative session. It “adds the intentional manufacturing, purchasing, distributing, or attempting to manufacture, purchase, or distribute a controlled dangerous substance in violation of the CDS law in the presence of a minor child as an element of the crime of cruelty to a juvenile.”

Reflecting his own background as an employee of two district attorneys, Hazel introduced HB 303 in March 2008. This would authorize former employees of district attorneys and assistant district attorneys to retain their retirement benefits if they become re-employed at a salary less than provided under existing state law. The measure would not apply to Hazel, for he had only four years of such service.

Hazel introduced HB 40 in the 2008 session to help police crack down on prostitution by broadening the legal definition of “sexual intercourse” to include “oral, anal or vaginal” contact. Hazel said that his measure would “close loopholes” so that defense attorneys could not argue over the nuances of sexual relations in certain instances. Despite ridicule from numerous bloggers, Hazel’s bill was signed into law by Governor Jindal on June 12, 2008.

Hazel was rated in 2013 and 2014 as 90 percent favorable by the conservative Louisiana Family Forum; the organization scored him 75 percent in 2010. Louisiana Right to Life scored him 100 percent for each year that he has been a legislator. The Louisiana Association of Educators rates him 50 percent. He is ranked from 64 to 78 percent by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry; in 2012, the National Federation of Independent Business scored him 50 percent.

In 2014, Hazel co-sponsored the requirement that abortion providers have hospital admitting privileges near their clinics; the bill was approved by the full House, 88-5. In 2014, he voted against extending the time for implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. He voted to prohibit the transportation of dogs in the beds of pick-up trucks while traveling on interstate highways; the measure passed the House, 53-34. He voted to require that companies must give notice when they engage in hydraulic fracking; the measure failed, 19-73. He voted for the repeal of the anti-sodomy laws; the repeal failed, 22-67. He voted to authorize surrogacy contracts. He opposed reducing the penalties for the possession of marijuana. He voted to establish lifetime concealed carry gun permits and supported concealed-carry privileges in restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages. He voted against making information about permit holders a matter of public record. He voted in 2013 for an increase in judicial pay and supported the removal of the mandatory retirement age for judges.

In 2012, Hazel voted to ban the use of telephones while driving; the measure passed the House, 68-29. He voted against providing tax incentives for attracting a National Basketball Association team to Louisiana but supported state income tax deductions for individuals who contribute to scholarship funds. He voted to reduce the number of hours that polling locations remain open; Louisiana has traditionally had 14-hour polling days. He co-sponsored the requirement for drug testing of certain welfare recipients, which passed the House, 65 to 26. He supported changes in the teacher tenure law. In 2011, Hazel voted for a permanent tax on cigarettes and opposed the establishment of a commission to consider ways to remove the state income tax. He vote against the anti-bullying measure which proponents claimed would address the problem in public schools; the measure failed 43-54.

In April 2014, Hazel confirmed that he would run for Rapides Parish District Attorney in the primary election held on November 4. The long-term incumbent, Jam Downs, a Democrat and son of the late C. H. “Sammy” Downs, retired. Hazel finished a strong second in the primary to Pineville City Judge Phillip Terrell, a Democrat. He polled 15,001 votes (34.6 percent) to Terrell’s 15,245 (35.2 percent). The third candidate, Democratic former state Representative Christopher Roy, Jr., the brother of Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy, trailed with 13,081 votes (30.2 percent). In the runoff election held on December 6, Terrell defeated Hazel, 20,053 votes (52.9 percent) to 17,840 (47.1 percent).

Hazel won a third term in the state House in the nonpartisan blanket primary held on October 24, 2015. He defeated another Republican candidate, businessman Christopher Dean “Chris” Tyler (born April 1973) of Pineville, 6,342 votes (64.9 percent) to 3 real authentic jerseys,425 (35.1 percent). Defeated candidate Tyler is an Alexandria native who attended Pineville High School and graduated from LSU and Louisiana Tech University in Ruston.

Entering his third and final House term on January 11, 2016, Hazel has announced that he will cross party lines to support the Democrat Walt Leger, III, of New Orleans for Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives, the choice of incoming Governor John Bel Edwards. However, in an upset, lawmakers chose not Leger as Speaker but New Iberia Republican Taylor Barras.

Lowell Christopher “Chris” Hazel
2008 –

Außenwirtschaft Austria

Die Außenwirtschaft Austria (offizielle Schreibweise AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, in Deutschland Österreichische Handelsdelegation, International Advantage Austria) ist die Internationalisierungsagentur der österreichischen Wirtschaft mit Sitz in Wien und Büros in 115 Städten weltweit.

Organisatorisch gesehen handelt es sich um eine Abteilung der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich. Ihr obliegt die Umsetzung des gesetzlichen Auftrags zur Außenwirtschaftsförderung Österreichs. Die Büros unterhalten Kontakte mit den Wirtschaftsministerien und Botschaften der jeweiligen Länder in der sie aktiv sind und knüpfen Kontakte zwischen österreichischen Unternehmen und potenziellen Kunden und Investoren im Ausland.

Vorrangige Aufgabe ist die Unterstützung österreichischer Unternehmen bei deren Auslandsgeschäften durch Beratung und Information. Dazu betreibt die Außenwirtschaft Austria ein weltweites Netz von Vertretungsstellen. Diese Büros im Ausland heißen seit Januar 2011 AußenwirtschaftsCenter und AußenwirtschaftsBüros (früher: Außenhandelsstellen bzw. Zweigstellen) und werden von Wirtschaftsdelegierten (früher: Handelsdelegierten) bzw. stellvertretenden Wirtschaftsdelegierten geleitet.

Die Wirtschaftsdelegierten sind in den meisten Gastländern als Diplomaten akkreditiert, die AußenwirtschaftsCenter sind protokollmäßig den jeweiligen Botschaften angegliedert (typischerweise Handelsabteilung der österreichischen Botschaft)..

Leiter ist seit 2002 Walter Koren, der Egon Winkler nachfolgte.

Im Ausland tritt die Außenwirtschaft Austria unter dem Markennamen Advantage Austria auf. Bis 21. Juni 2012 war der offizielle Markenname Außenwirtschaft Österreich.


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