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Seria E.636 FS

Seria E.636 – seria lokomotyw elektrycznych używanych przez włoskie Ferrovie dello Stato, produkowana w latach 1940–1962. Lokomotywy tego typu zostały wycofane z użytkowania w 2006 roku.

E.636 miały zastąpić wprowadzone w latach 30. lokomotywy uniwersalne FS E.626 i pasażerskie FS E.326. E.626 była pierwszą włoską lokomotywą z układem osi Bo-Bo-Bo i dwuczęściowym pudłem z przegubem nad środkowym wózkiem. Układ taki był później stosowany także w lokomotywach FS E.645/E.646 i FS E.656. Przyjęty układ osi był związany z położeniem znacznej części włoskich tras kolejowych w górach. Lokomotywy E.636 mogły być wyposażone w przekładnie o przełożeniu 21:65 zapewniające prędkość maksymalną 95 km/h (lokomotywy obsługujące ciężkie składy towarowe) lub 28:65 zapewniające prędkość maksymalna 120 km/h (lokomotywy obsługujące pociągi pasażerskie) youth football uniform set.

Lokomotywy E glass drinking bottles.626 wyprodukowano w trzech seriach:

Pierwsza lokomotywa E.636 weszła do służby w maju 1940 roku. Łącznie zbudowano 469 lokomotyw tej serii. Sześć z nich zostało zniszczonych w czasie działań wojennych i w wypadkach kolejowych po wojnie.

Lokomotywy serii E non bpa bottled water.636 były używane jeszcze na początku XXI wieku. Pomimo że były już wówczas przestarzałe, nadal obsługiwały składy towarowe na Sycylii. Cześć z nich została także przekazana mniejszym włoskim przedsiębiorstwom kolejowym. Ostatnie lokomotywa serii została wycofana z użycia w maju 2006 roku.


Майдлинг (нем. Meidling) — двенадцатый район Вены non bpa bottled water. Сформирован в 1892 году.

Майдлинг расположен на юго-западе Вены, южнее реки Вена, западнее Гюртеля и юго-восточнее Дворца Шёнбрунн where to get cheap socks. Он был сформирован из посёлков Обермайдлинг (Obermeidling), Унтермайдлинг (Untermeidling), Гауденцдорф (Gaudenzdorf), Хетцендорф (Hetzendorf) и Альтмансдорф (Altmannsdorf). До 1806 года, Обермайдлинг и Унтермайдлинг (соответственно, Верхний и Нижний Майдлинг) составляли одну деревню. Альтмансдорф по-прежнему имеет достаточно сельский вид.

1. Внутренний город (Innere Stadt)2. Леопольдштадт (Leopoldstadt)3 ladies football socks. Ландштрасе (Landstraße)4. Виден (Wieden)5. Маргаретен (Margareten)6. Мариахильф (Mariahilf)7. Нойбау (Neubau)8. Йозефштадт (Josefstadt)9. Альзергрунд (Alsergrund)10. Фаворитен (Favoriten)11. Зиммеринг (Simmering)12. Майдлинг (Meidling)13. Хитцинг (Hietzing)14. Пенцинг (Penzing)15. Рудольфсхайм-Фюнфхаус (Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus)16. Оттакринг (Ottakring)17. Хернальс (Hernals)18. Веринг (Währing)19. Дёблинг (Döbling)20. Бригиттенау (Brigittenau)21. Флоридсдорф (Floridsdorf)22. Донауштадт (Donaustadt)23. Лизинг (Liesing)

Volumes (band)

Volumes is an American metalcore band based in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of guitarist Diego Farias, bassist Raad Soudani, vocalists Gus Farias and Myke Terry, and drummer Nick Ursich. The group was founded in 2009 and debuted with their first EP, The Concept of Dreaming in (2010). This was followed with their debut full-length album Via (2011) and their sophomore album No Sleep in 2014. Both albums peaked at No. 1 on the iTunes Rock and Metal charts.

Volumes make use of “bouncy” guitar riffs, groove-driven breakdowns, nu metal influence and dual lead vocalists. The band has been credited as an important contributor to the djent scene.

The band started in 2009 when guitarists Diego Farias and Daniel Braunstein were writing music together. Singers Michael Barr and Diego’s brother, Gus Farias, joined the band along with Raad Soudani on bass and Chris Khoury playing the drums. Their first EP, The Concept of Dreaming, was announced to be released December 2009 but publication came to a halt when guitarist Daniel Braunstein left the band due to time constraints with university and was no longer able to participate actively in the band. He was replaced by guitarist Daniel Schwartz. After being signed on with Mediaskare Records and Outerloop Management in early November 2010, the band quickly released their debut EP “The Concept of Dreaming” on November 16, 2010.

In early 2011, the band played several tours throughout North America with such bands as Arsonists Get All the Girls, The Contortionist, and Structures. The band’s debut full-length, Via was released and distributed through Mediaskare on September 27, 2011 and reached #1 on the iTunes Rock & Metal Charts. 2011 also marked the same year that drummer Chris Khoury parted ways with the band, leading to Daniel Schwartz taking over the drums at shows, who then left later that year. In early 2012, they found a new permanent replacement drummer, Nick Ursich. On July 15, 2014, Volumes released their second full-length album No Sleep which reached again at #1 on the iTunes Rock and Metal Charts featuring their single, “Vahle”. Between late August and late September 2014, the band supported Crown the Empire on the Welcome to the Resistance tour, along with The Family Ruin, Secrets, and Ice Nine Kills. Volumes then contributed to Fearless Records’ compilation Punk Goes Pop 6 with their cover of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake featuring Majid Jordan.

In summer 2014, Volumes completed their first full US Vans Warped Tour in 2014 soccer uniforms wholesale.

Volumes announced in November 2015 that vocalist Michael Barr had departed from the band due to “different musical direction and taste”, and Born of Osiris member Joe Buras will be stepping in for current touring duties until their new vocalist is announced. Myke Terry, formerly of the metalcore band Bury Your Dead, has since been confirmed to be replacement for Barr non bpa bottled water.

Volumes departed from Mediaskare Records and signed a recording contract with Fearless Records, releasing their single “Feels Good” on June 16, 2016. On June 29, 2016, the band re-released their studio albums Via and No Sleep through their own record label “91367 Records.” It was revealed that their previous label, Mediaskare, had not given them income from the sales of their first 2 studio albums, with each selling over 40,000 copies to date.

In an Alternative Press article pressed in late January 2013, it was reported that Volumes had been banned from Rocketown in Nashville, after ex-vocalist Michael Barr was evicted from the venue for dedicating a song to a gay friend. However, later reports described how Barr was escorted from the venue by security after he had assaulted crowd members whilst hardcore dancing to other bands, and that he was “looking for a fight” while doing so. Some crowd members ganged up on Barr, at which point security had arrived to the situation and ultimately escorted Barr from the venue. After being denied access back inside when attempting to re-enter the venue, Barr allegedly threw a fit, shouting pejorative slurs at the concert promoter working the door. Prior to this, a similar incident occurred at the Trees venue located in Dallas a week earlier where Barr provoked violent crowd attacks which led to the banning of himself and the rest of the Volumes members from the Texas bar.

Equitable Tourism Options

Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS) is a research, campaign and advocacy NGO working on social glass water bottle for table, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of tourism on local communities in India. Their work is directed towards enabling non-exploitative, equitable and sustainable tourism in India. They function out of Bangalore, India and were founded in 1985.

This NGO works towards awareness and mitigation of the negative impacts of tourism in India. They primarily provide analysis, initiate campaigns, advocate for law and policy changes, and network with other groups working on the issues of tourism. They rely on their network of grassroots organisations, local communities, activists, researchers, unions and experts to build perspectives from the ground. The work of EQUATIONS can be categorised into six broad themes across regions of India.

EQUATIONS is a formal member of End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes – . They work closely with ECPAT on the mission to rid tourism of child exploitation football shirt back. Their main objectives are to advocate for social accountability and responsibility on the protection of children in tourism, encourage collaborative and concerted action to combat the exploitation of children in tourism and influence governments to incorporate child-friendly and gender-sensitive guidelines.

They evaluate the implications of international trade and economic policy on tourism development and consequent impact on local communities. Since the early nineties, they have engaged with the issues of impact of globalisation, trade and investment policies on tourism development.

They examine tourism development from an environmental angle and also linking it to the livelihoods, culture, way of living of communities dependent on natural resources. They believe that tourism development must be environmentally just, respectful of the rights of local communities and sustainable. EQUATIONS uses research grounded in grassroots realities and advocates through networking with the government non bpa bottled water, the tourism industry, media, other civil society organisations and with communities.

They monitor laws and policies and advocates concerns on the unregulated expansion of tourism in violation of rights of local communities and self governance at the grassroots level with various ministries and departments. They also work with communities and individuals to build awareness and capacity towards exercising their rights in relation to tourism planning and implementation in their local region.

Their work examines ways in which women can have greater access, control and ownership over livelihoods and natural resources as well as access to the benefits in the context of tourism.

They engage with students, academicians and tourism institutions to build awareness on tourism impacts, encouraging research and welcoming interns. Their attempt is to integrate critical perspectives on the impacts of tourism within tourism curriculum to further understanding of how tourism can be more equitable.

EQUATIONS envisions a just and equitable world, where all people have the freedom and the right to determine their lives and future. They envision forms of tourism which are non-exploitative, where decision making is democratised, and access to and benefits of tourism are equitably distributed. They believe in the capacity of individuals and communities to actualise their potential for the well-being of society funny football t shirts.

EQUATIONS initiates campaigns and supports people’s struggles, against unjust, undemocratic and unsustainable forms of tourism. They advocate people’s concerns with the local, regional and national government. Their advocacy aims for decentralised democracy and that communities should have a decisive voice in the access, control and ownership over their livelihood, natural resources and common resources. They try to ensure people’s experiences influences changes in tourism policies.

EQUATIONS provides access to all their publications.