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Sebastián Bueno

Sebastián Andrés Bueno (born 24 October 1981) is an Argentine footballer who plays for Perugia.

Born in Junín, Buenos Aires, Bueno started his career at hometown club Sarmiento. In 2001–02 Apertura (opening) season, he was signed by top division club Banfield which also located in the Greater Buenos Aires soccer shirts wholesale. In the next season, he moved to Primera B Nacional side Quilmes. In the 2003 Apertura season (2003–04 “opening” season), he moved to league rival Unión de Santa Fe how to tenderise meat quickly. In 2004, he moved to Chile for Primera División side La Serena, which is the Chilean “Apertura” season. He then returned to Argentina for San Martín de San Juan in Clausura 2005 and in March 2006 left for Brazilian side Inter de Limeira for Campeonato Paulista Série A2. In October 2006, he left for Italian Serie C2 side Catanzaro. Due to Bueno has EU nationality, he could able to sign by Italian lower division, which the lower divisions club could not signed a non-EU player from abroad. He scored 16 goals in the first season, but in the second season, he just scored 3 times before joined Benevento in January 2008.

In September 2011 he joined Perugia

Bueno had call-up to 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship., because of an injury suffered by Chori Domínguez. He won the Champion as unused member.