Jennifer Stefano

Jennifer Stafano is the Vice President for Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

Stefano goalie gloves cheap, a recent mother and 2004 Emmy-nominated reporter felt disenfranchised by politics in 2008 when she discovered the nascent Tea Party at a local rally. She would eventually rise through the activist ranks to become the Pennsylvania State Director for AFP.

Jennifer has appeared on several broadcast and cable networks as a host and commentator. She gained widespread media attention in a confrontation with Bob Beckel on the Hannity Show on April 16, 2012. After Stefano stated that the Head Start Program, which aims to help poor children, did not work, Beckel replied, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!” Beckel did not realize the show was back from the commercial break thermos australia, and initially refused to apologize. When persuaded that the show was, in fact, live, Beckel apologized for his choice of language, but stood by the overall intent of the statement.