Songs We Sing

Songs We Sing is an album by singer/songwriter Matt Costa. It was originally released on July 26, 2005 and then re-released with a new track list by Brushfire Records on March 28, 2006.

Songs We Sing was originally released independently by Venerable Media in 2005 and offered a slightly different track list than the Brushfire Records version. This version of the album is currently unavailable. For a time it was available at CD Baby, but they have now permanently sold out. Songs from this release that were not re-released on the Brushfire Records version include: “Desire’s Only Fling”, “Whiskey & Wine”, and “Shimmering Fields”.

Songs We Sing was re-released in 2006 by Brushfire Records, owned by fellow musician Jack Johnson and his wife. The album featured new songs and a different track list. Songs from this release that were not on the 2005 release include best running waist belts; “These Arms” small running bag, “I Tried”, “Ballad of Miss Kate”, and “Sweet Thursday”.

Some European releases include “Lullaby” as a bonus track football socks sports direct. This song, along with the other four mentioned above, were previously released on The Elasmosaurus EP.