Ahmed Elmi Osman

Ahmed Elmi Osman “Karaash” (Somali: Axmed Cilmi Cismaan, Arabic: علمي عثمان أحمد‎‎) is a Somali politician that hails from the Republic of Somaliland. He has served as the Minister of Aviation of Puntland State of Somalia, and as one of the presidents of the rebel Khatumo State administration in the eastern regions of the Republic of Somaliland. Osman is the Minister of Interior of Puntland State of Somalia.

Osman hails from the eastern Sanaag province of the Republic of Somaliland. He belongs to the Dhulbahante Harti Darod clan.

In 2009, Osman served as the Minister of Aviation of the Puntland State of Somalia in northeastern Somalia. He later helped form the rebel Khatumo State administration, acting as one of its three “presidents”.

In 2013, Osman presented himself as a Vice President candidate in the 2014 Puntland elections, which took place on 8 January 2014 in Garowe. Abdihakim Abdullahi Haji Omar was eventually declared the winner small bag for running.

On 28 January 2014, Osman was appointed Puntland’s Minister of Interior by the region’s new President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali.

In October 2014 steel bottles for drinking, Osman issued a decree through the Puntland Ministry of Interior ordering all local telecommunication firms and remittance stores to require a Puntland identity card from their customers before providing services. According to the ministry, the directive is part of a broader initiative aimed at strengthening security and data collection. It also set an immediate timeframe for the decree’s implementation.

In March 2015, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali established a government committee to formulate an official money remittance policy for the Puntland regional state best water bottle for office. Puntland Minister of Interior Osman serves as the Chairman of the new panel. The committee is composed of Puntland cabinet members

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In March 2015, Puntland Minister of Interior Osman and other regional state officials launched a reconciliation conference in support of peace agreements that had been signed in Rakko district and other parts of the Karkar province. A high-level Puntland government delegation consisting of politicians and other officials was dispatched to the area to enforce the treaties. According to Osman, the delegates were led by Puntland Vice President Abdihakim Abdullahi Haji Omar, with the negotiation meeting concluding successfully.