Sylvester O’Halloran

Sylvester O’Halloran (31 December 1728 – 11 August 1807) was an Irish surgeon with an abiding interest in Gaelic poetry and history. For most of his life he lived and practised in Limerick, and was later elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA).

O’Halloran was the third son of Michael O’Halloran, a prosperous farmer at Caherdavin, County Limerick, and his wife Mary McDonnell. He was named after Sylvester Lloyd, the titular Catholic bishop of Killaloe in 1728–39. His mother’s cousin Sean Claragh McDonnell taught him much at an early age, including some Greek and Latin. He went on to a Limerick school run by Robert Cashin, a Protestant clergyman, which was unusual at the time as the O’Hallorans were Roman Catholics during the difficult time of the Penal Laws.
Sylvester and his brothers engaged successfully in areas of life that worked around the restrictions of the Penal Laws. Joseph became a Jesuit and held chairs in rhetoric, philosophy and divinity at the Jesuit College at Bordeaux in France. George became a jeweller and in time a property-owner. Sylvester went to London to learn medicine at the age of 17, particularly studying the methods of Richard Mead

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, as well as the oculists Taylor and Hillmer. After further study at Leyden, and in Paris under the anatomist and academician Antoine Ferrein, he set up practice as a surgeon in Limerick in early 1749.
O’Halloran wrote several learned treatises on medical matters, and his fame was acknowledged by his membership of the RIA in 1787. He was a founder of the County Limerick Infirmary that started with 4 beds in 1761 before moving to larger premises at St Francis’s Abbey in 1765

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. The foundation stone of the original infirmary is now preserved in the Sylvester O’Halloran Post Graduate Centre at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick.
While in France, he had been very impressed with the Académie Royale de Chirurgie, which had been founded in Paris in 1731 during the reign of Louis XV. He was subsequently instrumental in founding the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), by writing its blueprint, the Proposals for the Advancement of Surgery in Ireland in 1765. In 1780 he was made an honorary member of the new “Dublin Society of Surgeons”, and when the RCSI received its charter in 1784 he was again elected an honorary member, equivalent to a Fellowship today.
In his last work O’Halloran contributes to Irish social history, as the head injuries he treated were often caused by fights aggravated by alcohol abuse. On page 4 he commented:
As well as his scientific knowledge, O’Halloran’s interest in the arts began with his collection of Gaelic poetry manuscripts and this led on to an interest in Irish history. Given his background, he argued to validate the pre-Norman history of Ireland which had often been dismissed as a period of barbarism.
His correspondents included Edmund Burke on early history. With Charles O’Conor of Belanagare he discussed Macpherson’s translated version of Ossian, and advised him about an eye complaint.
In 1789 Charlotte Brooke published the first English-language compendium of Irish poetry, the seminal “Reliques of Irish Poetry”, giving full due to O’Halloran for lending her his manuscript collection and for having written the essential history underlying her anthology.
As an early sympathetic historian of the Gaelic world in English, O’Halloran has faced criticism for being too sympathetic Bogner UK 2016. In the 1770s a critic suggested he should:
The historian JC Beckett (1912–96) included O’Halloran among those aiming: to vindicate its claims by uncritical admiration for the achievements of pre-Norman Ireland.
In 1752 Sylvester married Mary Casey and they had four sons and a daughter. Their homes were in Change Lane and then on Merchants’ Quay; Mary died in 1782. O’Halloran was buried in 1807 at St. Munchin’s graveyard, at Killeely which is now a suburb of Limerick. One of their sons was Major-General Sir Joseph O’Halloran, the father of Thomas O’Halloran, after whom the Adelaide suburb of O’Halloran Hill was named.
Though politically restricted in his life by the Penal Laws, O’Halloran helped establish the county Infirmary (see above), was elected President of the city’s Free Debating Society in 1772 and was elected to a committee in 1783 that examined the Shannon navigation. Appropriately a Limerick bridge over the Shannon has been named after him.

Josephine Mitchell

Josephine Mitchell (born 21 May 1965) sometimes billed credited as Jo Mitchell is an Australian actress, with a lengthy career in television soap operas. Mitchell is best known for her role in the television series A Country Practice where she played Nurse Judy Loveday’s (Wendy Strehlow) niece Jo Loveday from 1985 until leaving the show in 1989 2016 Bogner Cheap Sale.

In 1990 she played Jane Holland in Home and Away, and has appeared in many of Australia’s most popular series including, E Street (as designer and mother Penny O’Brien), Neighbours (as Katerina, a wheelchair user) and on All Saints as a one episode guest, playing a protective mother who mutilated her husband after she found he had molested their daughter.
Both of Mitchell’s parents were heavily involved in theatre and she has had an extensive career in her own right in theatre as well as many television and film roles

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. She started her own theatre company, Strut Theatre, with other actors to promote women’s roles. Strut worked out of Wharf 2 at the Sydney Theatre Company in the early nineties. She produced two plays, Pam Gems and Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi, as well as a commissioned play by Australian playwright, Justin Fleming called Conversation Peace. She then moved to Melbourne to appear in the National tour of the musical Hello Dolly, produced by John Frost.
She lived in Melbourne for several years, appearing regularly on Bert Newton’s light entertainment show Good Morning Australia. In 2010, she returned to the small screen in Home And Away (this time as a different character) to play the role of Jill Carpenter, the dysfunctional alcoholic mother of a son Romeo, played by Luke Mitchell.
Jo Mitchell is married to Australian director and producer Chris Martin-Jones and they have two daughters. The pair met when Martin-Jones was a director on A Country Practice in 1989. His other credits include McLeod’s Daughters, Packed to the Rafters, Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker, and A Place to Call Home.
She has a double degree from Sydney University 2016 Bogner Ski Jackets, in Medieval and Religious Studies. She is currently focusing on her work behind the camera as writer, having finished a feature-length movie titled The Cult and the tele-movie Aren’t U Spesh!.

Gino Funaioli

Gino Funaioli (Pomarance, 2 ottobre 1878 – Firenze, 28 dicembre 1958) è stato un filologo e latinista italiano.

Nacque a Pomarance, nei pressi di Volterra, da un avvocato e proprietario terriero, Alessandro Funaioli, e da Albina Cercignani. Studiò a Siena, poi compì gli studi universitari presso l’Istituto di Studi Superiori di Firenze. Fu allievo di Felice Ramorino, Girolamo Vitelli, Ernesto Giacomo Parodi e Pio Rajna, che lo formarono sulle lingue classiche, la letteratura neolatina e la glottologia e linguistica.
Laureatosi con Ramorino, si trasferì nel 1901 per un anno di perfezionamento a Monaco di Baviera, dove lavorò a stretto contatto con Eduard Woelfflin. Un ulteriore periodo di studio in Germania lo vide a Bonn, dal 1902 al 1913: qui intensificò i suoi contatti con l’ambiente accademico tedesco

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, in particolar modo con Wilhelm Christ, Ludwig Traube, Hermann Usener e con Franz Bücheler.
In Germania iniziò anche la sua attività di insegnante: impartì lezioni nei lettorati di italiano e tenne corsi di grammatica latina a partire dal 1905.
Lo scoppio della Prima guerra mondiale gli impose il rientro in Italia, ove avviò la sua carriera universitaria: fu dapprima a Messina dal 1914 al 1920 sulle cattedre di Grammatica greca e latina e di Letteratura latina, poi per quest’ultima disciplina si trasferì a Palermo (dal 1920 al 1927), all’Università Cattolica di Milano (dal 1927 al 1934), a Bologna (dal 1934 al 1940) e infine a Roma (dal 1940 al 1948).
Collaborò alla redazione di voci per l’Enciclopedia Treccani. Insieme con Gennaro Perrotta fondò la rivista di letterature classiche «Maia» e fu impegnato, soprattutto negli ultimi anni dopo il pensionamento, nella vicepresidenza del Centro di studi ciceroniani.

Julianna z Norwich

Juliana z Norwich (ur. ok. 1343, zm kurtki bogner. ?) – angielska pustelnica, jedna z najważniejszych przedstawicielek mistycyzmu chrześcijańskiego, nazwana przez Thomasa Mertona największą angielską mistyczką i teologiem, święta Kościoła anglikańskiego i starokatolickiego.
Przypuszczalnie mieszkała w rekluzji przy kościele pw. św. Juliana w Norwich. Kiedy w 1373 roku ciężko zachorowała, była przekonana o zbliżającej się śmierci, a nawet otrzymała ostatnie namaszczenie, doznała serii szesnastu objawień. Wizje skończyły się, gdy Julianna wyzdrowiała.
Julianna sporządziła listę swoich wizji wraz z krótkim komentarzem (tzw. “Tekst krótki”). Około 20 lat później stworzyła dzieło będące rozwinięciem pierwszego tekstu (tzw. “Tekst długi”). Były to Objawienia Bożego miłosierdzia (Revelations of Divine Love, znane także jako A Revelation of Love – in Sixteen Shewings), według współczesnych badań pierwsza anglojęzyczna książka napisana przez kobietę.
Ze względu na treść trzynastej wizji, która rozmija się z nauką Kościoła katolickiego, a mówi o grzechu i złu, w katolicyzmie nigdy oficjalnie nie zaaprobowano jej kultu. Juliana odrzucała dogmat o wiecznym potępieniu. Mistyczka uważała, że jest on sprzeczny z ideą miłosierdzia Bożego. Lokalnie wspominana była 14 maja. Obecnie wspominana jest w Kościele anglikańskim oraz Reformowanym Kościele Katolickim w Polsce 8 maja.

Oliver Herkelmann

Oliver Herkelmann (* 21. August 1968 in Hagen) ist ein ehemaliger deutscher Basketballspieler.
Herkelmann besuchte das Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Hagen bis 1988

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. Anschließend studierte er an der George Mason University und spielte bis 1991 im Team der Patriots dieser Universität. Ab 1992 war er in der Basketball-Bundesliga bis 1999 bei Brandt Hagen und anschließend von 1999 bis 2001 in Trier aktiv

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. 1994 wurde er zunächst mit Brandt und 2001 mit HERZOGtel Trier Pokalsieger. In dieser Zeit absolvierte Herkelmann auch 24 Spiele für die Deutsche Basketball-Nationalmannschaft. Im Dezember 2001 verließ Herkelmann Trier und spielte zunächst für drei Spiele für den belgischen Verein Estaimpuis aus Tournai, kurz darauf kehrte er aber für ein Spiel im Trikot des TSK Bamberg in die BBL zurück. Die folgende Saison 2002/2003 spielte er dann in der 2. Basketball-Bundesliga beim Aufsteiger aus Iserlohn Wellensteyn Sale 2016, 2004 dann wieder in Hagen bei Phoenix, die aus der BG Hagen hervorgegangen waren. In der Saison 2004/2005 stieg er mit den Hertener Löwen aus der Regionalliga in die zweite Liga auf, verließ den Verein jedoch wieder in Richtung seiner Heimatstadt. Seit 2005 ist er dort nach seiner aktiven Spielerlaufbahn nun als Geschäftsführer tätig und stieg mit dem Verein 2009 in die BBL auf.

Abdul Rashid Godil

Abdul Rashid Godi (Urdu: عبد الرشید گوڈیل‎) is a Pakistani politician

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, and parliamentarian. He was elected as a member of national assembly on a ticket of Muttahida Qaumi Movement from NA-252 (Karachi) in Pakistani general election, 2013.

Abdul Rashid Godil was severely injured in Karachi following an assassination attempt. His first major social service activity started in 1985, when he was selected as the Vice President of the Abbabil Organization and Vice President for the Young Scholar organization. The Abbabil Organization’s main aim was to provide assistance for the purchase of textbooks, and Young Scholar Organization was to provide tutoring for and recognize the achievements of outstanding students.
After some years he became involved in the Dhoraji Association and was elected Vice President of the Dhoraji Association for 1999-2001. In 1999, he was selected as an M.C. member of the All Pakistan Memon Federation. In 2000, he became the first member from Dhoraji to join the World Memon Organization. After three years, he was elected with a great amount of community support to the post of President of the Dhoraji Association. He was the youngest President of the Dhoraji Association in 60 years. In his two years serving as president he increased the funding of the Association by 150%. He promoted the concept that the Dhoraji Association should not only give Zakat to the needy but provide a means to help and promote the community at large. During his two-year tenure the Dhoraji cricket team won the All Pakistan Memon Cricket Tournament. Also during this time 13 community students won first place in qirat and naat competitions. From 2002 till now he is a member of Supreme council of APMF.
In 2003, he was elected as a Board Member of W.M.O. As board member he attended conferences in many different parts of the world including Kenya, India, UAE, and Sri Lanka. In 2005, he took part in the nazim election in the Karachi as a member of Haq Parast. For one year he worked as a nazim, accomplishing many things. He conceived and implemented development projects in Bahadurabad, Sharfabad and Dhoraji. In 2006, he was working as acoordinator for the Gulshan town Haq Parast under Nazim Wasay Jalil, where his achievements were applauded.
Following his success as coordinator, Altaf Hussain announced his name as a candidate for the National Assembly of Pakistan for NA 252 2016 Bogner Ski Jackets. Workers of MQM arranged meetings all over the region, contacting the residents of the area and gathering, leading to his election victory which took him to the National Assembly.
He was a member of two standing committees, Finance & Revenue and Textile. On 5 February 2009, the All Pakistan Memon Federation awarded him the Gold Medal at Governor House, for best social services for Karachiites. On 15 February 2009, WMO awarded him in Durban, South Africa, for best achievement in Pakistan among the Memon community. He visited China on a study tour for the MQM by invitation by the Chinese Government. He visited Canada and met with officials from the Canadian finance, defence, and health departments, and also visited the House of Commons of Canada where he met the speaker. In 2011 he visited to India with other parliamentarians like Haider Abbas Rizvi and businessmen like Majeed, this seminar was arranged by Indian government to improve the ties between both the countries . Then finally in 2013 the PPP-led government completed its tenure and his 5 years of member of National Assembly completed without any scandal or difficulty.
In 2013 election he was nominated as the MQM candidate for MNA from the constituency NA-252 again. His previous work as a councillor and as the MNA in the last tenure had earned him a very good reputation amongst the constituents. Additionally MQM traditionally has aile the runner up, Zaidi of the PTI, could manage to get only 49,622 votes.
In May 2014 Godil was made MQM’s temporary parliamentary leader after the joint Rabitta Committee meeting concluded that Farooq Sattar should no longer hold that post. After that he was also inducted in the Coordination Committee of Mqm. On 18 August 2015, he was attacked by unidentified men in Bahadurabad, Karachi while he came out from a shopping centre.