John Schultz (footballer born 1938)

John Schultz (born 28 September 1938) is a former Australian rules football player, who played for the Footscray Football Club in the (then) Victorian Football League (VFL) and is one of the club’s greatest players buy online water bottle.

He had been a champion high-jumper at Caulfield Grammar School, winning the senior high jump at the 1955 Associated Grammar Schools Combined Athletics Meeting (as had South Melbourne’s Jim Taylor in 1948) soccer goalie. He also played for the school’s First XVIII, a team which also contained other future VFL players, Ron Evans of Essendon and Ron Cabble of Hawthorn.

John Schultz was considered a “gentle giant”, known as much for his fairness as for his brilliance. An effective knock ruckman, he was acclaimed for good tackling, elegant marking and hard, fair bumping. Roy Wright, another “gentle giant” and Brownlow medallist, helped him early in his career: “after lining up on Roy Wright in one of my first matches, he came to the dressing rooms after the match and gave me a few hints on things I did and didn’t do right”. Compared with others of his day, Schultz had exceptional stamina and he seemed to be able to run just as quickly at the end of a match as he had at its beginning.

Schultz was recruited by Footscray from country side Boort, having previously played briefly with Caulfield Grammarians Football Club in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (he broke his arm at the opening bounce of the first Caulfield Grammarians’ practice match of the 1956 season).

His VFL career spanned 10 years and 188 games (kicking 39 goals).

Schultz won the Brownlow Medal in 1960 (when only 21 years old) by one vote from Fitzroy’s Kevin Murray. He was Footscray’s best and fairest player five times (1960, 1962, 1964–66). Schultz played for Victoria 21 times, and was an All-Australian in 1961.

Schultz played as an amateur (i bpa free thermos flask.e., he received no payment). He played his entire VFL with the great Ted Whitten as his captain, and retired in 1968, aged only twenty-nine, to help manage the family grocery business. Fittingly for a man who was known for his fairness and never once reported, Schultz later served on the league tribunal. He once said, “I love nothing more than seeing someone shake another player’s hand after a tough game – that’s the ultimate in sportsmanship.”

His younger brother Robert, also from Caulfield Grammar School, played two senior games for Footscray in 1963 clearance football jerseys.

In 2002, he was named to a back pocket of the Footscray/Western Bulldogs Team of the Century.

He was given the honour of handing the Premiership cup to Easton Wood, Luke Beveridge and Robert Murphy after the Western Bulldogs won the 2016 AFL Grand Final.

In 1996 Schultz was inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame with the following citation:

Know Your Ally: Britain

Know Your Ally: Britain was a 45-minute propaganda film made in 1944. It was narrated by Walter Huston and produced by the United States War Department and Signal Corp to solidify Anglo-American solidarity within the ranks as well as counter Nazi propaganda aimed at weakening the Alliance.

The film opens with a shot of a football team making a touchdown and the crowd cheering. The narration begins, informing us that that victory was won by a team where everyone knew the job they had to do: “We’re playing another kind of a game now design football uniforms online, only this one isn’t for fun does pineapple juice tenderize meat. It’s for keeps football jersey usa.” the narrator declares, with shots of a tank battle now on screen. British life and society are briefly introduced cordless electric shaver. The narrator notes especially the high population density of Britain and the solidarity that this inspires between various elements of its society.

In 1938, the year the Yankees won the pennant, the British were going about their daily lives, working and cheering football on their day off. 300 miles (480 km) away, however, others were cheering for Hitler. The Brits try to reason with him through the Munich Agreement, but he breaks his word, invading Czechoslovakia and Poland. Now “John Britain,” as he is personified, is at war, and pretty soon he is at war alone, since western Europe soon falls to the Nazis.

Various differences in British and American culture are addressed, sometimes humorously, other more soberly, such as the position of the monarchy and the peers in British society. “Britain is like your Grandma’s house; she’s been around a long time and keeps a lot of old things she doesn’t wish to part with.”

The British Empire is a trickier subject, with the narrator explaining the home-rule of Canada, South Africa and the other white dominions, then giving a rosy picture of how much self-government India has, and how, because of its strategic significance – “an effective block by the democratic world to keep the Nazis and Japs from uniting” – it cannot be independent just yet.

DJ Hen Boogie

DJ Hen Boogie born Henry Alexander III is an American DJ and producer whose music encompasses and fuses a wide variety of genres including jazz, hip hop, electronic music, and soul. He is arguably best known for being a pioneer of the Bay Area independent hip hop movement of the early 1990s as the production mind behind the group The Dereliks whose release “A Turn on the Wheel is Worth More than a Record Deal” is a highly sought recording over 15 years after its initial release.

DJ Hen Boogie all but vanished from the musical scene after the Dereliks release insulated thermos. Very limited information exists as to why the musical departure but sources speculate it being primarily to focus on his new family which included a marriage and 3 children.

In 2003 DJ Hen Boogie quietly returned to the musical scene with the release of “Change for the Bus Ride Home” on Sublevel Epidemic Records which contained a collection of unreleased Dereliks songs as well as remastered outtakes from their “lost” demo tapes.

In 2005 he re focused on branding his own identity away from the Dereliks with the release of “Nobody Beats the Boog” on FemaleFun Records. This release solidified him as a major break record collector and force in hip hop documenting the countless rare records that many artists have previously sampled.

In 2006 DJ Hen Boogie returned to production working alongside Jeni Fujita (of Fugees fame) and with Swedish born Kissey Asplund. He also has been credited for remixes with O.U.O. (formerly Zimbabwe Legit) featuring Asheru from Unspoken Heard, CL Smooth (of Pete Rock and CL Smooth fame), and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian fame). He also has completed his debut album, A Happy Present from the Planet Earth, released May 2007 by the Eastern Developments subsidiary Easel Records.

2008 saw DJ Hen Boogie with additional production credits with spoken word artist Karen Gibson-Roc, a remix album titled “Time Off” with Chicago’s Infinito 2017 on Nephew of Frank Records, remixes with Vanessa Daou, and production on Jeni Fujita’s debut release “This Little Light of Mine…” on Low Self Discipline records.

2009 returned to his roots as a DJ/tastemaker/cratedigger with the highly subscribed and downloaded podcast appropriately titled “Nobody Beats the Boog.” Named after his 2005 FemaleFun records sample break CD, the podcast featured exclusives from artists from around the world. Notable appearances included interviews with singer’s Czelena, Suzy Duffy, and an impromptu interview and appearance by beat maker B.O.O.K.S. One. The podcast also featured accolades from various industry friends and cohorts most notably Zelma Davis from C&C Music Factory fame, Japanese vocalist Monday Michiru, Norway Vocalist Kinny, Joy Jones water bottle holder running, Karen Gibson-Roc and YZ. The show ended June 2010.

In 2011 DJ Hen Boogie was hired as a composer for music licensing and supervision company Thwak Music. He has been tasked to compose music for several major brand commercial advertisements and television shows as a result of this partnership.


Tharangambadi (o Tarangambadi, già nota come Tranquebar) è una suddivisione dell’India, classificata come town panchayat, di 20.841 abitanti, situata nel distretto di Nagapattinam, nello stato federato del Tamil Nadu. In base al numero di abitanti la città rientra nella classe III (da 20.000 a 49 wholesale toe socks.999 persone).

La città è situata a 11° 02′ 28 N e 79° 51′ 07 E.

Al censimento del 2001 la popolazione di Tharangambadi assommava a 20.841 persone, delle quali 9 stainless water bottle with straw.927 maschi e 10.914 femmine. I bambini di età inferiore o uguale ai sei anni assommavano a 2.113, dei quali 1.060 maschi e 1.053 femmine. Infine, coloro che erano in grado di saper almeno leggere e scrivere erano 15.376, dei quali 7.841 maschi e 7.535 femmine.

Tharangambadi fu uno dei principali insediamenti dell’India danese e della Compagnia danese delle Indie Orientali, finché non venne ceduta ai britannici nel 1845.

Il Forte Danese è visitabile e rappresenta un esempio di forte del 1600-1700 con corte interna, alloggio per le truppe, santabarbara, depositi per i materiali ed alloggi per gli ufficiali. Il Forte è stato restaurato ed ospita un piccolo ma bel museo che illustra la vita del tempo coloniale, con oggetti, armi, strumenti di pesca, quadri e disegni dell’epoca. Vedi foto

Altri progetti

María Nagaya

María Fiódorovna Nagaya (en ruso, Мария Фёдоровна Нагая) ( japanese glass water bottle?–1608) fue una zarina rusa, la octava (no canónica) esposa de Iván el Terrible.

María se casó con Iván IV en 1581 y un año después dio a luz a su hijo Dimitri. Después de la muerte del zar en 1584, Nagaya, su hijo, su padre y sus hermanos fueron enviados al exilio por Borís Godunov en Úglich, donde vivió hasta la misteriosa muerte del zarévich Dimitri en 1591. María y sus parientes fueron acusados de “negligencia criminal” y, como resultado, sus hermanos fueron encarcelados y ella se tuvo que hacer monja y encerrarse en un monasterio running belt number holder. En 1605, después de la ascensión al trono de Dimitri I “El Falso” en Moscú, Nagaya fue forzada a reconocerlo como su hijo y volvió a Moscú electric depiller. Todos los miembros de su familia fueron liberados, reinstaurados en sus cargos y se les devolvieron las propiedades que se les había confiscado coffee thermos stainless steel. Después de la muerte del primer falso Dimitri en 1606, María Nagaya rechazó el que éste fuera su hijo.

Liste der Landschaftsschutzgebiete im Kreis Coesfeld

Die Liste der Landschaftsschutzgebiete im Kreis Coesfeld enthält die Landschaftsschutzgebiete des Kreises Coesfeld in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Städteregion Aachen&nbsp wholesale colorful socks;| Bielefeld | Bochum | Bonn | Borken | Bottrop | Coesfeld | Dortmund | Duisburg | Düren | Düsseldorf | Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis | Essen | Euskirchen | Gelsenkirchen | Gütersloh | Hagen | Hamm&nbsp bag cover waterproof;| Heinsberg | Herford | Herne | Hochsauerlandkreis | Höxter | Kleve&nbsp cheap youth football jerseys;| Köln | Krefeld | Leverkusen | Lippe | Märkischer Kreis | Mettmann | Minden-Lübbecke | Mönchengladbach | Mülheim an der Ruhr | Münster | Oberbergischer Kreis | Oberhausen | Olpe | Paderborn | Recklinghausen | Remscheid | Rhein-Erft-Kreis | Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis | Rhein-Kreis Neuss | Rhein-Sieg-Kreis | Siegen-Wittgenstein | Soest | Solingen | Steinfurt | Unna | Viersen | Warendorf | Wesel | Wuppertal

What Is the Difference Between Men’s & Women’s Hockey Equipment?

After the 1998 Winter Olympics, at which women’s ice hockey premiered as an Olympic sport, the popularity of women’s hockey saw a sharp increase. As a result, some hockey equipment manufacturers started to market female-specific equipment. This equipment differed from the standard men’s gear in proportions, weight and anatomical fit. Other companies, while not producing female-specific lines, have broadened the scope of their offerings to teenage male players. The sizes and proportions of this equipment, smaller in scale to men’s equipment, are also suitable for female hockey players.
A hockey player is covered in equipment from head to toe. When looking at men and women you can see obvious physical differences. Some hockey equipment suppliers offer gear to address these variations. A major difference in male and female body types is the shape of the hips. Women, generally, have wider hips and shorter torsos. As a result, female-specific hockey pants tend to have more room in the hips and shorter hip guards — the top of the pant — than a standard man’s hockey pants. Another obvious difference in male and female anatomy is the chest area, which can affect the fit of shoulder pads. Women’s shoulder pads are equipped with molded cups to accommodate larger chests, whereas men’s shoulder pads are fitted with a flat front. The most popular piece of female specific equipment is the pelvic protector. It is the most commonly used because the men’s version, the protective cup, is the only piece of hockey equipment that cannot be comfortably worn by women. One piece of equipment, the skate, has seen a few attempts at a female-specific line. This is not a popular offering. Hockey skates made for women are lighter and have a shorter boot to accommodate a woman’s smaller calf. However, relatively few female hockey players see a women’s specific skate as a better option than a junior skate, which is also lighter than a man’s skate.
Alternatives to female-specific equipment used by women hockey players are pieces made for teenagers. This equipment is smaller in size and proportion. Although not made specifically for the female athlete, this gear can work well to meet the needs of a woman player. Junior-size sticks, gloves and skates are among the common crossovers to women hockey players. An added bonus to the sizing appeal of junior equipment is that it is often less expensive than adult gear. Junior-size sticks are more flexible than an adult stick, which provides the necessary whip to strengthen a shot. Additionally, junior sticks tend to have a smaller shaft than adult sticks, which can better accommodate a woman’s smaller hand. Smaller gloves, in the 12- to 13-inch range, that are marketed for junior-age players, also work well for women

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. These sizes have shorter fingers

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, a smaller palm and a shorter cuff. Hockey skates are another example in which many female players use junior sizes. If a woman wears a 5.5 size skate or smaller, she will fit into a junior skate. Most other equipment, including shin pads, goalie gear and helmets, provide junior sizing that will fit female players.
One of the major drawbacks to female-specific hockey equipment is variety in brands. Only a small handful of manufacturers offer women’s gear, limiting choice and providing little competition to improve quality. Junior equipment, while meeting the sizing needs of women hockey players, is made for teenagers and children. This often means that the durability and overall quality is lower than adult gear made for men. Younger players tend to play two to three times per week and will not put as much strain on equipment as a female college player who is on the ice six days per week. Under such strains, junior equipment can wear out and break down faster than the adult versions.
Whether a player chooses women’s, junior or men’s equipment, the primary objectives are to find gear that fits properly, protects well and feels comfortable. To ensure that these important criteria are met, an ice hockey player, male or female, should enlist the help of an equipment expert when suiting up.

Alexander Sliussarev

Alexander Alexanderovitch Sliussarev (Russian: Александр Александрович Слюсарев; also known as San Sanich Sliussarev, Russian: Сан Саныч Слюсарев) (9 October 1944, Moscow — 23 April 2010, Moscow) was a Russian photographer and translator from Italian.

Alexander Sliussarev was born in 1944 in Moscow, Russia. He started taking pictures in 1958 with his first camera “Yunost”, received as a gift from his father. In 1962, he participated in “Nasha Yunost'” (English: “Our Youth”) exhibition in the Gorky Park in Moscow. Alexander Sliussarev graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (Russian: Институт иностранных языков им aluminum water bottles. Мориса Тореза) as a professional translator from Italian. During his career as a translator he worked with Gianni Rodari, Marcello Argilli and many others. In 1979 he had his first personal exhibition at the Baltic photo festival in Ogre metal water bottles, Latvia. From 1974 to 1984 he created a series of black and white minimalistic “squares” taken with a Rolleiflex camera, which made the photographer famous among fellow photographers and curators. Since 1980 he had numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He continued his photographic work and published his photographs in his blog almost every day leak proof water bottle, until his last day in April 2010. Alexander Sliussarev had been a member of the Direct Photography (Russian: «Непосредственная фотография») group since 1987. He also was a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia top ten water bottles.

Antoine de Vergy

Antoine de Vergy, conte di Dammartin, signore di Champlitte e di Rigney (1375 – 29 ottobre 1439), è stato un militare francese, maresciallo di Francia e cavaliere dell’Ordine del Toson d’oro.

Era figlio di Jean III de Vergy, siniscalco, governatore e maresciallo di Borgogna New Balance Sneakers, e della sua prima moglie, Jeanne de Chalon.

Consigliere e ciambellano di Carlo VI, abbracciò poi il partito borgognone, diventando ciambellano del duca di Borgogna Giovanni, al cui seguito entrò a Parigi il 29 maggio 1418.

Era presente all’incontro di Montereau, dove venne ferito ed arrestato.

Una volta libero fu nominato maresciallo di Francia il 22 gennaio 1422 dal re d’Inghilterra Enrico V durante la reggenza del trono di Francia; prestò giuramento il 3 febbraio con Jean de La Baume phone dry bag, nonostante l’opposizione dei marescialli Jacques de Montberon e Claude de Chastellux, ma il titolo non fu riconosciuto da Carlo VII.

Fu nominato quindi dal duca di Borgogna capitano generale di Borgogna e Charolais reflective running belts, e nel 1423 combatté contro le truppe francesi, alla battaglia di Cravant.

Nel 1427 Enrico VI lo fece governatore di Champagne e Brie, e della città di Langres. Da Langres negli anni seguenti condusse numerose spedizioni alla testa di un contingente anglo-borgognone nella regione della Lorena; obiettivo particolare fu Vaucouleurs, cittadina rimasta fedele a Carlo VII per quanto stretta fra il ducato di Lorena e il ducato di Borgogna; nonostante l’impegno profuso la piazzaforte francese, teatro delle prime gesta di Giovanna d’Arco, non cadde.

Nel 1430 il duca di Borgogna Filippo il Buono lo creò cavaliere dell’Ordine del Toson d’oro. Sotto il conte di Vaudémont, alleato di Filippo il Buono, combatté il 2 luglio 1431 alla battaglia di Bulgnéville, dove venne fatto prigioniero Renato d’Angiò.

Morì di malattia nel 1439, e fu inumato a Champlitte nella collegiata di Saint-Christophe, che aveva fondato nel 1437.

George Rykert

George Rykert (August 8, 1797 – November 1, 1857) was a businessman, surveyor and political figure in Upper Canada.

He was born in Rhinebeck, New York in 1797 and came to the Niagara District with his family around 1810. He served with the local militia during the War of 1812. After the war, he settled at St. Catharines and taught school there. He trained as a surveyor and became a deputy land surveyor for the province in 1821. He undertook a number of projects bottle stainless steel, including laying out a plan for the expanding community at St. Catharines and helping prepare estimates for a canal system on the Saint Lawrence River. He was involved in an unsuccessful contract to complete a section of the Rideau Canal near the current site of Smiths Falls in 1827. In 1829, he opened a general store and wharf at St. Catherines with his brother-in-law; he also became involved in a distillery and a gristmill. He became a justice of the peace in the Niagara District in 1832. In 1834, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada in the 2nd riding of Lincoln; he was reelected in 1836 wholesale mens dress socks.

Rykert supported the sale of the clergy reserves with the funds raised going to fund public works and schools as well as the needs of all religious groups represented in the province. He opposed the union of Upper and Lower Canada and responsible government as described in Lord Durham’s report. He was defeated by William Hamilton Merritt, a former political ally, in a bid for a seat in the legislative assembly for the united province. In 1843 still water in glass bottles, he became the agent in St. Catharines for the Commercial Bank of the Midland District marinade to tenderise steak. In 1845, he became a member of the police board for the town; he was elected to the town council in 1855 and served as reeve from 1856 to 1857. He also served as agent for a number of companies in the region and was president of the Port Dalhousie and Thorold Railway.

He died in St Catharines in 1857 of a chest cancer.

His son John Charles later became a member of the Canadian House of Commons.

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